“Painting My World”

I find inspiration to paint everywhere. While walking through the streets of an Italian village, listening to the drumbeat on a Caribbean Island, swimming in the clear blue ocean in the tropics, throwing the tennis ball to my dog, watching the exotic animals in the city zoo, checking out a cow in a nearby pasture, these are the things that move me to paint! I liberally paint my interpretations with bold colorful brushstrokes across the canvas.

You may find my resume on the about page.

RED POPPIES LEAD TO RED BARN | Oil Original | 53” X 53” | $850 USD | SOLD

On Display Now

If you wish to view Sandy’s work, there are exhibits in:

PINK JACKRABBIT | Oil Original | 20” x 16” | $625 USD | SOLD


You can see me traipsing around and painting in small towns with pastoral scenes throughout Oregon and Washington – plein air painting throughout Oregon-Hood River, Lyle, Washington Vineyards, Central Oregon Barns, Bend Gardens, Paisley, Oregon Cows and vast open land, Coos Bay, Oregon Japanese Garden and Shore Acres.

When there is more, it will be reported right here.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso